There Was a Cummings

Something special for the weekend. Please click on the link below to listen to The Missing Links, Kartoon Faktory’s “rock-bank in residence”, perform a moving tribute to Dominic Cummings.

By way of background, the band members now live in Jersey.  However, they both hail from Glasgow & were once known as the Simon & Garfunkel of Drumchapel, one of the City’s many leafy suburbs.  Billy Connolly, another of the Drum’s famous residents, once described “the scheme” as a desert with windows.  Harsh but fair.

For overseas readers or those that may have taken self-isolation a little too far, Dominic Cummings is PM Boris Johnson’s Senior Adviser and the architect of the UK’s lacklustre response to Covid.  The Government’s Lockdown strategy rightly emphasised the importance of staying at home.  Despite this, Cummings ignored his own policies and drove some 260 miles north to his parents’ hacienda in the county of Durham.  All the while he gave the impression that he and his family were still in London.  Before driving back to London and again, very much against the guidelines, he went for walks in the local woods and also drove to a local beauty spot on his wife’s birthday to “test his eyesight”.

The lyrics along with a short note about the tune’s pedigree are included below.  Can I suggest that every Thursday at 8pm you take your mobile gramophone outside, press “play” and sing along with your neighbours.  This will show Dominic how deeply we care about him.