Colouring Day

With 14th September being National Colouring Day in the USA, we thought we’d let you all have a go at de-stressing and colouring in one of our fab cartoons! Don’t forget, colouring isn’t just for kids!

Make sure to set your printer to A4 size and black or greyscale print. We would love to see and share your colouring in so please do email it to us or post it on social media tagging us in it! We’d love to see what you come up with!

The cartoon features a classic KF twist on the famous Jersey Militia, or Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey, who defended against the invading French forces on 6 January 1781. During the American Revolutionary War, these French forces unsuccessfully invaded the British-ruled island of Jersey to remove the threat it posed to French and American shipping however it led to the death of British commander, Major Peirson, whose death was immortalised in the painting by John Singleton Copley ‘The Battle of Jersey’.

In true Kartoon Faktory style, we have created our version entitled ‘Battle of the Jerseys’ and it is available to buy online here on our website as a tea towel, poster or jigsaw!