Kartoon Faktory, JSPCA & RampArts collab

For those of you who don’t know Jersey, it’s an island of 9 miles by 5 with a population of just over 100k, so basically it can be like living in a big village. Similarly, to village life we like to look out for one another and help wherever we can. So, back in February this year, during a team ideas disco (it should have been a sensible team meeting, but sensible isn’t something that often happens when we’re all together) we decided we wanted to find a local art project where we could brighten up a public space, share our unique humour with our fellow islanders and help a charity to boot.

Now, I won’t bore you with the details of how it happened, but in short, our programme director who rarely misses a thing found a local organisation called RampArts that puts local artists in touch with local charities and organisations to create exciting community-based projects.

The project that was pitched to us was for the cattery at the Jersey Society Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (JSPCA). This couldn’t have been more perfect, as firstly, we’re all animal crazy so to be honest, they had us at ‘cat’!! Secondly, not sure if you’ve noticed (!) but, Oli the Olistrator (KF’s resident artist) isn’t too shabby when it comes to capturing our four-legged friends in cartoon form, so other than us losing our heads over the furry felines it was a good fit. Thirdly, and this just felt like serendipity, Sam, who is single-handedly our IT department, his mum is the chief vet at the JSPCA; it was a match made in heaven!

The JSPCA needed their cattery area revamped as boarding cats is one of their vital streams and it’s also where they bring members of the public to view cats available for rehoming – so it was important to get this right. Plus, we wanted to make sure the staff had an area they’re proud to work in and show off a bit too.

The cattery area is made up of six wings, with each wing being named after a former furry resident and Oli was asked to create a unique design for each wing. He was given a photo with a short bio of each cat for him to come up with his designs for: Splash, Honey, Star, Sassy, Bo and Phoebe. Below was his first draft…. Amazing or what?

Needless to say, the JSPCA staff loved the designs and Oli got to work a few weeks ago to bring it all to life. Other than underestimating the amount of prep work needed – he is a creative after all darlings – it all went swimmingly (with a bit of help from our equally creative programme director, Carla). The results are just beautiful. Oli just hopes that the current cat residents approve! This project meant a lot to us here at KF and so wanted to share it with you too. Below are some photos of Oli creating his amazing designs along with the finished result. Enjoy!


We’ve been featured all over the place with news of this fantastic colourful makeover, did you spot us in the Jersey Evening Post, on Channel Eye Media or even on the Vibrant Jersey website?

Wimbledon is Back!

Can you feel the excitement in the air? It’s time for Wimbledon!

We followed the Murray’s games in particular, and while Andy Murray is unfortunately already been knocked out he put up a great fight!

After a little bit of a shaky start to his game against James Duckworth on Monday, he managed to set up for a convincing win in the later sets proving that Dunblane is still more than competitive against Australia! Unfortunately for all us Murray fanatics he wasn’t able to continue this performance in his game against John Isner which ended his Wimbledon run this year.

Jamie Murray fared slightly better in the Men’s Doubles, winning two games and making it to the the third round while sharing the court with Bruno Soares. The pair seemed particularly dominant up until their third game making the defeat all the more disappointing, but they put on some stellar games for us viewers at home!

We love the Murrays here at Kartoon Faktory, and we’ve even put together an entire collection of products solely dedicated to the famous tennis family! Even better, all proceeds from these products go directly to the Murray Play Foundation, a charity founded by Judy Murray with the aim to take tennis into rural and disadvantaged areas across Scotland.

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‘Winning Wednesday’ Bumper Giveaway!

To celebrate the 77th Liberation Day, Kartoon Faktory have teamed up with Channel 103 for their Winning Wednesday competition. We’re going to give away four amazing Liberation Day fun-filled bundles, worth £100 each!

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KF Caption Competition!

WIN an A4 colour cartoon print in our brand new CAPTION COMPETITION, running fortnightly in conjunction with the Jersey Evening Post 😁

Printed in Saturday’s JEP, and posted on our social media, you’ll find an original KF cartoon with the all-important speech bubble left blank. It’s up to YOU to devise an amusing or clever caption to fill in the blank!

The cartoon this week features three pirates – a reference perhaps to the Island’s history of privateering – but what is being said? Think topical, think local! 🌴

To enter, submit your suggested caption, along with your name and email address, online at www.kartoonfaktory.com/caption-competition, or by post to Kartoon Faktory, Grouville, JE1 1TD.
Closing date for entries is Sunday 3 April and T&Cs apply. You can enter up to 5 captions per competition.

The winner will receive an A4 giclee full-colour print of the cartoon featuring their winning caption. GOOD LUCK and we can’t wait to see all of your fantastic suggestions! 🤞

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Roaming Charges

We’ve just seen that most UK mobile operators aren’t going to bring back roaming charges the re-introduction of which, you may remember, were used as a part of the argument for the Remain Brexit campaign (sorry to bring up the dirty six letter word!).

Despite being allowed to start charging from Jan 2021, those that are going to ask customers to pay (albeit small amounts) haven’t brought the charges in until this year, kindly extending free roaming throughout lock down. No wonder people were cross about not being able to get away on their hols!

To our UK friends, spare a thought for us Jersey folk. Whilst locked down on our little island of nine miles by five, being so close to France we didn’t even get to escape roaming charges, we just need to go for a walk on the north coast! 😆

Odd One Out!

Throwback to National Bird Day in January! 

We’ve decided to dedicate this toon to all of us who like to be a bit different and sometimes, no matter how hard we try, don’t always get things right…. (Chuckle). Being right all the time, is overrated anyway… where’s the fun in that?!

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‘Beans’ on Toast!

A wholesome meal and a wholesome joke! For those of you who don’t know Jersey people are called ‘beans’ after the famous (or not!) bean crock – a traditional Jersey meal. We’re also known as ‘crapauds’, which is toad in old Jersey French. Nice!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Even without being on a desert island we don’t get a valentine’s day card! 😪 Happy Valentines Day everyone, have a lovely day!

Winter Olympics

Wishing Team GB the best of luck for the Winter Olympics kicking off in Beijing today!

Gallery Throwback

Here’s a little #TBT to when we were featured in Gallery Magazine (TAG Gallery page) over Christmas! Want to see more of our toons and products? Then check out our full range over on our store!