KF Caption Competition

WIN an A4 colour print of the cartoon with YOUR WINNING CAPTION!

Running fortnightly in the Jersey Evening Post Weekend supplement, this caption competition will see an original drawing from the talented Kartoon Faktory cartoonist, Oli Nightingale – but with the all-important speech bubble or caption left blank.

The cartoon this week features some local bin men busy collecting outside the States Chambers. With the Election coming up on Weds 22nd, we’re sure you can all come up with some amazing suitable captions!! Remember as always it is up to YOU to devise an amusing or clever caption and don’t forget, the more ‘local’ and ‘current’ the better!! 

Closing date for entries is Sunday 26 June and a maximum of five entries is allowed per person.
The winning entry will be chosen by the Kartoon Faktory team and the winner will receive an A4 giclée full-colour print of the cartoon featuring their winning caption.

Submit your caption using the form below to be entered into the competition