Send In The Clowns

Although it pains me to say so, the UK Government’s handling of the Covid crisis continues to be both lamentable and disappointing. Across a wide front they have bungled and mismanaged their way to an appalling set of outcomes.  More Fifth World than First world. Indeed, in terms of death per million, when I last looked, the UK was second only to Spain.  However, coming up fast on the outside are America and Brazil.  And close to home, Jersey’s performance was nothing to write home about, albeit we have essentially been COVID free for weeks and pretty much back to “normal”.

To highlight these dismal results, and indeed those of several other “developed countries”, our very own Missing Links have written and recorded a song “calling-out” Bojo & Co.  As ever, the tune and the lyrics are completely original and any comparison to an earlier song with exactly the same name is completely coincidental.

Pushing the technological envelope into unchartered territory, Kartoon Faktory will be compiling several sobering slide shows to help evidence the incompetence of our leaders.  As this takes time, please bear with us.

Here is the song to listen to.

To sing along, here are the lyrics;


Isn’t it sad?
It’s so unfair
You are again in the news
We’re in despair
Are you all clowns?

This is a mess?
We don’t approve?
You keep on fooling around,
You need to improve
You are the clowns.
We voted for clowns.

Just when we thought, to question why
Finally finding the ones that we trusted, were fools
Making mistakes again with your usual flair
Unsure of your plans,
Is anyone there?

You must love farce?
Your gift I fear
We thought that you’d want what we want
Not quite, oh dear.
You are all clowns
Quick, silence these clowns.
Pretend they’re not here.

Isn’t it sad?
Isn’t it clear,
He’s lost the plot and maybe career?
He is a clown
There ought not to be clowns.
Well, too late I fear.


Adapted from Richard Sondheim’s original to highlight the “political
class” hijacking of the democratic process to thwart States Reform